Company Features

Barac Capital is a fee-only fiduciary advisor that was founded with the belief that investors often over-pay for high-fee investment solutions that deliver below average returns. The company aims to address these issues with the following positive features: 


-- Many financial advisors are paid by trade commissions, which can incentivize unnecessary trading and the “churning” of client’s accounts. 

-- BCM receives no trading commission. Management compensation is solely based on a percentage of assets.  For separately-managed-accounts, fees start at 0.95% per annum with marginal rates as low as 0.50% and below, based on account size.


-- BCM believes that this structure best aligns the interests of the financial advisor and the client.


-- Many financial advisors are affiliated with brokers who also sell actively-managed mutual funds and annuities (which can have an additional layer of high commissions and/or fees). 

-- These financial advisors can be incentivized through commissions to sell high-fee products. 

-- BCM sells no products and will not invest in anything that has a sales commission or an active management fee.  Account are invested in select individual stocks and bonds and, to a much lesser extent, low-fee index funds.  


-- Many financial advisors succeed based on their marketing and self-promotion skills rather than their investment experience. 

-- Conversely, Mr. Barac's experience is heavily weighted in fundamental securities research and institutional investing for some of the world's largest global financial institutions.


-- BCM will customize your investments to meet your own specific financial needs and goals. 

-- Going forward, accounts will be continuously reviewed and adjusted, when necessary.

-- Investments are held in your individually-owned Interactive Brokers brokerage account in your name. BCM will have trading privileges (with your consent), but you will have complete control of the account and only you can withdrawal/transfer funds.